We're hiring

At Alembic we’re building a team of people who love learning and are enthusiastic about the latest technologies whilst focussing on solving real world problems for our clients. We choose technologies such as Elixir, React and GraphQL because we understand they can solve problems faster and more effectively for our clients, as well as providing a more enjoyable, productive environment to build software.

We believe in building high quality, maintainable software with test driven development, code reviews and refactoring baked into the way we do things. For a consulting company you’ll be surprised at how remote friendly we are. Whilst visiting the client site will be needed, we are happy to have the hard conversations about you working remotely on a regular basis. We have a strong reputation in the industry and our work mostly comes from referrals with clients ranging from startups to large corporates looking to innovate.

Who are we looking for?


We are looking for Developers of all levels to work with us, ideally on a permanent basis. Experience with Elixir, React and GraphQL would be great, as this is predominantly our tech stack, although experience in other languages and a love for functional programming and test driven development would also be interesting to us.

Lead Technical Consultant

As well as seeking developers to work on our project work, we are also looking for Lead Technical Consultants who will be able to work closely with our clients and be the principal contact for our client and be the main point of contact when they have any queries on delivery, as well as supporting the developers in the team and mentoring them as needed.

As well as having similar tech skills to those we’ve mentioned above we would want you to display the following skills:

  • Demonstrating the ability to lead a team of Alembic developers
  • Solid technical/product delivery capability
  • Ability to mentor other developers
  • Feel comfortable starting a project in the “discovery” stage and assisting clients with driving requirements
  • Strong independence as well as the ability to work collaboratively on projects with the team.

Our consultants enjoy working together collaboratively on a variety of different technical challenges within a wide range of different business domains, whilst working on a tech stack they really enjoy.


We're currently working with clients to deliver products/applications in the following technologies/methodologies and would love your help: Elixir, GraphQL, React, React Native, NodeJS, TypeScript, Functional programming, TDD, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes.


Why not email work@alembic.com.au with a cover letter and résumé and expect to hear from us!

Who we are

Alembic are a niche consulting company established in early 2017 and we provide tailored, end-to-end services in software development and delivery. We work with a variety of companies from small start-ups to large corporate clients with an interest in innovation and how it can help their business. We support diversity initiatives and are big supporters of developing community within our industry. We help to organise and are highly involved in the Elixir Sydney & GraphQL Sydney meetups, Elixir Girls events and Elixir Camp. Our technical founders are Josh Price and James Sadler, who are both involved in helping to build an inclusive and supportive technical community.