Software should be an empowering engine, not a anchor. It should give difference you need to outperform your competition. We'll help you realise your full potential.

Software development

Upsize output with a nimble and scalable development team who can realise the ideas and vision of all stakeholders. We'll draw upon their vast store of collective knowledge to create elegant software for less.

  • New product development - Bringing a new cloud-based SaaS product to market? We’ll turn your idea into a market-ready product. We handle everything from design to deployment.
  • Legacy system replacement - Need to replace a legacy system? Modernise your outdated systems with the latest technology for improved performance and scalability.
  • Proof of concept development - Got a business idea? We'll build a production quality prototype that will allow you to validate your product in the wild, for real.
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Tech Leadership

Need to substantiate your vision, verify current status to satisfy investors, or chart the future? We’ll analyse your software in super quick time and identify potential issues for when it’s time to scale.

  • CTO as a service - Struggling with technical leadership? Get the guidance and expertise of an experienced CTO to steer your technology strategy.
  • Technical due diligence - Need to gather intelligence on your potential acquisition? We have simple, successful approach that will help you analyse where the product software is and where there are risks.
  • Product Strategy - Build better products. Solve customer problems. Grow your business. We can help you define, align and execute on your product strategy.
Tech leadership

Ash framework consulting

Getting started with Ash framework? We can help. Whether is supporting your team in up-skilling, or getting stuck into building an ambitious web app with you.

  • Ash Premium Support - Get a direct line to our team of Ash Experts for fast, high-quality support that improves your knowledge and speeds up delivery.
  • MVP development - We’ll rapidly develop a working app that help you gauge market interest and refine your vision.
  • Large scale web apps - We specialise in building large-scale web applications designed to support your growth and adapt to changing needs.
  • Elixir & Ash training - We’ll teach your everything you need to know to get started building applications using Elixir and Ash.
Ash Framework

Capability development

Need to build your dev team and their capabilities? We’ll work with your team to up-skill them whilst delivering at the same time.

  • Build your application and your team - We'll get started building your product and help you ramp up your own capabilities at the same time.
  • Learn while doing - Gain practical experience as you work alongside our experts to develop both your project and your skills.
  • Alembic Academy - Our comprehensive training program will help you master new technologies and methodologies in software development.
Capability development

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