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About Alembic

Alembic delivers highly performant software across technology stacks and specialises in the design and build of GraphQL APIs and front ends to leverage the capabilities of GraphQL.

We want to work with startups and enterprise customers who are making bold and brave technology choices. These companies have leaders and team members who aware of the power of GraphQL, or want to know more about how GraphQL can positively alter their technology landscape.

Whether your teams develop in Elixir, Ruby or Javascript or a combination of all, we believe that GraphQL ( makes a big difference for development teams that require flexibility, type safety and tooling support for API consumption.

We will help you grow and change your technology stack, partnering with you to help you understand how to achieve the absolute best for your IT investment.

What we do

We are GraphQL experts

Support multiple API clients with differing needs with flexibility and performance that eclipses REST. We can convert REST APIs to GraphQL, or you can have both with a common code base.

We ♥️ Elixir, Ruby & Javascript

We support GraphQL API builds in all of the above languages. Whether your company is a Rails, Phoenix or Node shop, we have you covered.

We craft great web and mobile experiences

We use the Apollo and Relay GraphQL clients on the web to take advantage of sophisticated GraphQL features such as streaming and subscriptions, query optimisation and caching.

We live in the cloud

Our clients are offered the option of Alembic taking care of deployment and hosting. We use a standardised AWS environment to offer seamless blue/green deployments with continuous delivery, monitoring and alerting.

We have a relentless focus on simplicity

We build software as lean and simple as possible. This makes it easier to understand, reduces the surface area for defects, reduces the cost of onboarding and training new developers and reduces the cost of change.

We hold ourselves to high standards

We practice test-driven development and every commit is pushed though a Buildkite CI pipeline. Quality and performance metrics are captured on every build and we use Calibre to ensure fast and responsive apps and catch and fix any regressions.


We’re keen to grow the Elixir and GraphQL communities and enjoy helping other people to develop in these technologies. Josh, James and Suzie co-hosted the inaugural GraphQL Sydney event and Josh organises Elixir Sydney.

Alembic is also involved in sponsoring and mentoring at Elixir Girls which has had 2 very successful events in Sydney and Melbourne. The next one will be in Brisbane in 2018 and we'll be helping to make this happen too!

Elixir Sydney, 1st March 2017

Elixir Sydney, 5th April 2017