Class Solver Case Study

Education Software as a Service

The Challenge

Class Solver is a Melbourne based tech startup developing a product which helps schools streamline the manual and often time consuming task of placing their students into appropriate classes. The product is specifically designed to meet the various requirements that schools have when organising classes and have saved their teachers and staff countless hours.

Class Solver needed guidance to help them deliver their backend system into production in time for the start of the Australian school season. This involved implementing their custom algorithm, a GraphQL API endpoint and setting up their various environments.

Alembic was hired to help them due to our expertise in developing GraphQL, our ability to solve hard algorithmic problems and to quickly and efficiently deliver software into production.

The Solution

Class Solver already used Elixir and GraphQL as their stack but had a tight deadline to be ready for the start of the Australian season. The core algorithm of the solution was still in prototype phase and needed to be productionised and streamlined to handle real client workloads.

The solution was to implement the prototype as a functional component in Elixir so that it can be quickly and seamlessly plugged into the API.

Our expertise in cloud platforms and deployment processes also allowed us to leverage as much of the available cloud services as possible to reduce the time to market but at the same time reduce the cost of the overall solution.

The Outcomes

Alembic helped Class Solver turn their prototype into a production quality solution, completed the GraphQL API and built a scalable and performant production platform for them within a very short timeframe of around 3 months.

We worked very closely with Class Solver to decide which components of the product were to be prioritized and was supporting them throughout the season to ensure improvements were delivered quickly in response to customer feedback.

This enabled Class Solver to have a very successful season and gain many happy customers.

Why We Love Class Solver

Class Solver has a product which aligns extremely well with our values. Their product solves a problem which removes a lot of overhead for schools and which also has a large social impact in improving the quality of a student's education.

On top of that, Class Solver is an amazing client who was very willing to support and work closely with us to deliver the best possible product.

Alembic are a rarity in the tech world – a company that genuinely cares about their clients and the longevity and scalability of the solutions they build. They are highly professional and at the top of their field.

Amy White Managing Director, Class Solver