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We love Elixir, TypeScript, GraphQL and React and these are some of the exciting topics we've been exploring and experimenting with.

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Strategy & Advisory

Do your tech choices empower a test and learn cycle?

Test, learn and iterate is a core mantra of the product mindset. Technology needs to enable, not block this. Selecting the right tools provide this flexibility both now, and into the future. Software tools and processes need to fuel positive feedback loops.

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Ben Melbourne

1 February 2024 – 2 min read

Padlock constructed from triangles as imagined by Midjourney


Customising Ash Authentication with Phoenix LiveView

Authentication is a crucial part of most web applications. With the release of Ash Authentication, we are now able to authenticate users in Elixir applications using simple DSL on Ash resources. In this blog post, we will show you how to customise Ash Authentication with Phoenix LiveView.

Will Tan

Will Tan

19 March 2023 – 4 min read

Balloons launching against blue sky


Announcing Ash Authentication

We're extremely pleased to announce the first public release of `ash_authentication` and `ash_authentication_phoenix`. Ash Authentication allows you to authenticate users in your Elixir applications using a simple DSL on your Ash resources.

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James Harton

17 January 2023 – 3 min read

Dam in mist. Photo by Paul Mocan on Unsplash


Elixir vs Python for real world AI/ML (Part 2)

In the last part of this series, we will explore a real-world machine learning problem in Python and Elixir. By the end you will have two end-to-end examples of how you can combine clean and unify data sources. Then use that data to train and evaluate a neural network.

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Chris Hopkins

12 January 2023 – 7 min read

An AI's interpretation of a house in the Hamptons

Phoenix LiveView

Improve UX with LiveView page transitions

Let's improve the look and feel of our LiveView apps with page transitions that help users see what's happening when navigating between different parts of your application.

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Mike Buhot

25 November 2022 – 6 min read

Phoenix LiveView Dashboard


Monitoring Phoenix LiveView performance

Phoenix LiveView is a game changer for dynamic web application development. But what happens when we get serious traffic, and things slow down? What if we have some ambitious concurrency and latency requirements?

Rob Ellen Portrait

Rob Ellen

8 October 2021 – 13 min read

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High performance Numerical Elixir with Nx

Numerical performance of Elixir code has received a massive boost with the release of Nx - Numerical Elixir. This is an exciting addition to the Elixir ecosystem, read on to find out what you can do with it!

Rob Ellen Portrait

Rob Ellen

23 September 2021 – 4 min read

FP-TS Functional Programming in TypeScript


Intro to Functional Programming in TypeScript with FP-TS

FP-TS is a useful library for programming TypeScript with the full power of functional programming. It provides some very handy functional tools from Pipelines to Currying to make our TypeScript programs more elegant and robust.

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Nicholas Hammond

13 October 2021 – 5 min read

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The identity of a Git commit explained

Ever wondered how git commits work? This article explains what makes up the identity of a git commit. Knowing this will help you become much more confident running advanced git commands like rebase.

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Kathryn Prestridge

15 November 2021 – 5 min read

FP-TS Functional Programming in TypeScript


Exploring FP-TS Options in TypeScript

FP-TS is a useful library for programming TypeScript with the full power of functional programming. In this article we explore the FP-TS Option feature and how Discriminated Unions help implement it.

Nicholas Hammond portrait

Nicholas Hammond

24 December 2021 – 5 min read