Success Stories

We’ve partnered with dozens of companies to solve their problems and bring their product visions to life. Here are some of our favorite projects, where we utilized Elixir, TypeScript, Ash, GraphQL, React and more.

Vexillum's Work Design System


From Paper to Precision Workflows

Alembic's partnership with Vexillum produced a platform that revolutionises heavy equipment maintenance workflows by digitising paper-based processes. Leveraging Ash, Phoenix LiveView and Elixir, Alembic delivered a real-time web application and a native iOS work delivery app in Swift and SwiftUI. This enabled Vexillum to streamline work design, enhance safety, and reduce costs swiftly. This collaboration underscores Alembic's commitment to lean, agile solutions and its ability to deliver impactful software efficiently.

We Change Pitchers' Careers

FlexPro Grip

FlexPro Grip’s Game Changing Pitcher Device

Working together, Alembic and FlexPro Grip successfully delivered a React Native mobile application and a Phoenix LiveView management web application. Integrated with FlexPro Grip’s state of the art hardware, these apps help pitchers increase performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Domain Social Boost - boost your property marketing campaign with Facebook


Domain Social Boost

Alembic delivered a significantly improved experience for Domain's agents who want to broaden the reach of their listings across Social Media channels. Domain Social Boost combines seamless social media campaigns with Domain property listings. This project has fueled their vision to leverage the applications and processes that we've used to build this solution for the next one.

Svenska Alarm Family Photo

Svenska Alarm

Svenska Alarm Real Time Backend and Mobile App

Svenska Alarm needed a new mobile application to provide alarm customers with real-time remote control over their alarm systems. We leveraged the robustness of Elixir to manage the real-time nature of the alerts.


Class Solver

Class Solver Student Placement Software

Alembic delivered cloud-based SaaS student placement software for Class Solver. Schools rely on Class Solver to optimise classes, ensure teacher equity and improve learning outcomes for children around the world.

Handdii Founders


handdii SaaS Marketplace Global Scale Up

After validating product fit in the Australian insurance market, handdii made plans to expand into New Zealand and the United States. Alembic was engaged to ensure the success of handdii's international rollout plans, augmenting a existing multi-discipline team of internal handdii developers, and external contractors in different timezones.

Suncorp bank branch with prominent logo


Suncorp API Strategy and Implementation

Suncorp integrated all of its banking and insurance services into one single marketplace. To do this required coordinating APIs across all of their business units. Alembic helped the Architecture team realise this vision with some bespoke tooling for making API integration simpler.

tappON Platform Screenshot


tappON Multi-sided Healthcare Marketplace SaaS

Alembic delivered a rapid prototype of a complex multi-sided marketplace. A deployed and functional SaaS product was delivered in a matter of days and then rapidly iterated on to get the product to market.

Laava Unique Identification Tag


Laava Authentication and Authorisation System

By building an exemplar GraphQL microservice, Alembic changed the engineering culture at Laava fundamentally: from dreading big bang releases that never get to live past staging environment to celebrating safe deployments that happen multiple times daily into production.