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Case StudyFlexPro Grip’s Game Changing Pitcher Device

Working together, Alembic and FlexPro Grip successfully delivered a React Native mobile application and a Phoenix LiveView management web application. Integrated with FlexPro Grip’s state of the art hardware, these apps help pitchers increase performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

FlexPro Grip gives pitchers an incredible edge

FlexPro Grip is a US-based company that helps baseball pitchers improve their pitching. They use a combination of a hardware device, and a mobile app, to guide pitchers through a program of exercises that targets and strengthens the muscles and tendons.

This unique training regime improves their spin rates, ball movement, command, and velocity while reducing the chance of tearing their Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL). In trials, results have shown that ball spin rate has increased by 4% and break by 2 inches on average which gives pitchers using the system a massive edge.

World first pitcher training device platform

FlexPro Grip faced a challenging timeline to deliver for the Major League Baseball training season and needed to find the right development partner. After performing a detailed review of ten professional services organisations that provided React Native and Elixir development, Alembic was chosen.

One of the main reasons we chose Alembic was due to the high level of comfort during the sales process. The Alembic team took the time to understand FlexPro Grip's challenges and offered solutions that were tailored to our specific needs. We also appreciated the notion of having a team assigned to the project, as opposed to a single developer, as it provided a more collaborative and efficient approach.

Daryl Moreau, CEO/Founder

Alembic was tasked with completing an existing React Native mobile application and a custom Elixir platform for player and team management. FlexPro Grip had very well-defined requirements in most cases, but when there were different options, we collaboratively agreed an approach that could be delivered within the compressed timeframe.

Alembic recognised that the tight deadline and different time zones required working closely with the FlexPro Grip team. We setup technical and communication systems that gave us a tight feedback loop. This allowed us to iterate quickly on solutions, getting and receiving feedback in a timely manner.

We found that our daily stand-ups were extremely valuable. Alembic was perpetually engaged, showing up prepared and having done what they said they would do. The onboarding was smooth, and Alembic started delivering right away. Alembic built so much credibility and confidence going forward.

Daryl Moreau, CEO/Founder

Delivered a revolutionary product to market

Working closely with FlexPro Grip over several months, Alembic delivered the features required for them to take their revolutionary product to market. The focus on communication and delivery resulted in a close working relationship, and a product that fulfils the original brief. The tight communication loop allowed us to iterate quickly on important features, adapting to client and user feedback as necessary.

Alembic leveraged Phoenix LiveView for building the custom backend that allows Players, Team Managers, and Administrators to view and manage pitcher performance over time. We finished development and added features to FlexPro Grip’s existing mobile app, using the existing React Native and Elixir technology stack, allowing Players to use the system to achieve substantial improvements in their performance.

During the onboarding and implementation process, we found the Alembic team to be extremely helpful and proactive in understanding and achieving our goals. Their ability to grasp the objectives of the project quickly, and their approach of asking questions about the desired outcomes rather than just focusing on the technical aspects, made a big impression on us.

Daryl Moreau, CEO/Founder

The outcome of using Alembic's services was a well-built software application that FlexPro Grip feels confident in taking to market. They have already presented the app to Major League Baseball and have received positive feedback. FlexPro Grip is also impressed with Alembic's attention to detail and proactive communication, which has resulted in a successful project.

Why we love FlexPro Grip

FlexPro Grip is passionate about what they do and view the development process as a true partnership. They are absolute experts in their field and are wonderful to work with. They understand the value of tight feedback loops with our team, and the power of a small team that leads to outsized business outcomes.

The FlexPro Grip tech stack

Just some of the tools we used on this project

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