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Case StudySvenska Alarm Real Time Backend and Mobile App

Svenska Alarm needed a new mobile application to provide alarm customers with real-time remote control over their alarm systems. We leveraged the robustness of Elixir to manage the real-time nature of the alerts.


Svenska Alarm is a leading domestic and commercial security alarm firm located in Malmö, Sweden.

With a massive user base, they decided to invest in modernising their technical stack to increase robustness and reliability for both their staff and their customers.

Alembic was engaged given our expertise in concurrent systems, which is a huge plus for software that needs to monitor and manage thousands of differently located alarm systems.


After studying Svenska Alarm's requirements, it became clear that the best way for their customers to interface with the new solution would be via a mobile application. Leveraging React Native and TypeScript, we were able to produce a native iOS and Android application from the same codebase. This makes it extremely easy to maintain given the widespread popularity of React.

On the business side, an Elixir application was perfectly suited for handling concurrent events from alarm systems all over Sweden and other parts of the world.

Gluing the two applications together was easily achieved via GraphQL. It allows both the administrative interface and end-user mobile application to make inexpensive and flexible queries and updates.

Our contacts at Svenska Alarm were an absolute dream to work with. They closely monitored our work-in-progress and the technical choices we were making much to their happiness and ours. We were provided with the technical information on their existing systems that we needed to ensure the new solution was at the very least at feature parity.

Given the new flexibility we introduced with modernised technology, we were able to easily introduce useful new features to benefit Svenska Alarm's customers while at the same time keeping future new feature introduction easy.


The primary outcome for Svenska Alarm was an in production, on budget and on time suite of applications to power their business for the future.

Why we love Svenska Alarm

Svenska Alarm gave us the freedom and trust to achieve a great result. Despite the time zone differences, they always made themselves available for a chat, demonstration or feedback when required.

From our work, they will enjoy a reliable, robust, self-healing and concurrent system for both themselves and their customers.

The Svenska Alarm tech stack

Just some of the tools we used on this project

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