handdii Case Study

Expanding Application Reach

The Challenge

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, handdii is a startup company that connects the insurance industry with tradespeople to streamline property repairs for policy holders.

After validating product fit in the Australian insurance market, handdii made plans to expand into New Zealand and the United States. Alembic was engaged to ensure the success of handdii's international rollout plans, augmenting a existing multi-discipline team of internal handdii developers, and external contractors in different timezones.

The Solution

handdii's choice of technology aligns directly with Alembic's ideal stack: Elixir for backend, GraphQL for APIs, and React for the frontend. This meant we were able to leverage our expertise immediately to add value across a wide scope of application functionality, including, but not limited to, multi-jurisdiction contractor rates management, international credit card payments, invoicing, and reporting.

Alembic also introduced a transparent project implementation methodology for all work performed. We heavily emphasised constant verbal and written communications across product and development teams to enable successful and timely delivery of features, as well as handle any dynamic shifts in requirements and priorities.

The Outcome

The handdii application was successfully rolled out in New Zealand and the United States within three months of Alembic beginning work on the project. We believe the technical and project management know-how we provided will help empower the team moving forward.

Why We Love handdii

The founders of handdii, Christie and Kathryn, are consumate professionals with deep knowledge of the property and casualty/general insurance domain, which facilitated deep exchanges of ideas and mutual learning between our teams that helped us deliver the best product possible.

handdii and Alembic also share a love of modern web application technology stacks, which allowed us to immediately focus solely on creating features that would be beneficial to their business.

Working with the Alembic team provided handdii with the ability to quickly move into new geographies for our customers. They quickly understood our business and worked collaboratively with our internal team delivering great results. Their professional but fun approach to development helped us to articulate what functionality was needed in order to meet our business goals.

Kathryn Wood COO & Co-founder, Handdii