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Upsize output with a nimble and scalable development team who can realise the ideas and vision of all stakeholders. We'll draw upon their vast store of collective knowledge to create elegant software for less.
  • New product development - Bringing a new cloud-based SaaS product to market? We’ll turn your idea into a market-ready product. We handle everything from design to deployment.
  • Legacy system replacement - Need to replace a legacy system? Modernise your outdated systems with the latest technology for improved performance and scalability.
  • Proof of concept development - Got a business idea? We'll build a production quality prototype that will allow you to validate your product in the wild, for real.

Recent Projects

Vexillum's Work Design System


From Paper to Precision Workflows

Alembic's partnership with Vexillum produced a platform that revolutionises heavy equipment maintenance workflows by digitising paper-based processes. Leveraging Ash, Phoenix LiveView and Elixir, Alembic delivered a real-time web application and a native iOS work delivery app in Swift and SwiftUI. This enabled Vexillum to streamline work design, enhance safety, and reduce costs swiftly. This collaboration underscores Alembic's commitment to lean, agile solutions and its ability to deliver impactful software efficiently.

We Change Pitchers' Careers

FlexPro Grip

FlexPro Grip’s Game Changing Pitcher Device

Working together, Alembic and FlexPro Grip successfully delivered a React Native mobile application and a Phoenix LiveView management web application. Integrated with FlexPro Grip’s state of the art hardware, these apps help pitchers increase performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Women's fashion

Global Fashion eCommerce

Empowering eCommerce Innovation and Efficiency in Global Fashion

Alembic, in collaboration with an international women's fast-fashion e-commerce brand, transformed their digital infrastructure, enabling seamless multi-currency support, platform migrations, and enhanced reliability. By partnering with Alembic the client was able to overcome immediate technical staffing challenges, whilst laying a solid foundation for sustained strategic growth and innovation in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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