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Need to substantiate your vision, verify current status to satisfy investors, or chart the future? We’ll analyse your software in super quick time and identify potential issues for when it’s time to scale.
  • CTO as a service - Struggling with technical leadership? Get the guidance and expertise of an experienced CTO to steer your technology strategy.
  • Technical due diligence -Need to gather intelligence on your potential acquisition? We have simple, successful approach that will help you analyse where the product software is and where there are risks.
  • Product Strategy - Build better products. Solve customer problems. Grow your business. We can help you define, align and execute on your product strategy.

Recent Projects

Photo of mole on woman's torso


Helfie Telehealth SaaS Platform

Alembic helped Helfie scale up their innovative cancer detecting mobile app and backend platform ready to meet the high volume of telehealth service demand due to COVID-19.

tappON Platform Screenshot


tappON Multi-sided Healthcare Marketplace SaaS

Alembic delivered a rapid prototype of a complex multi-sided marketplace. A deployed and functional SaaS product was delivered in a matter of days and then rapidly iterated on to get the product to market.

We Change Pitchers' Careers

FlexPro Grip

FlexPro Grip’s Game Changing Pitcher Device

Working together, Alembic and FlexPro Grip successfully delivered a React Native mobile application and a Phoenix LiveView management web application. Integrated with FlexPro Grip’s state of the art hardware, these apps help pitchers increase performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

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