The Upside of Managing Distributed Teams

A distributed team is a group of individuals who work across time, space and organizational boundaries. The team is integrated by tools and technology, and work together seamlessly to deliver projects.

Distributed projects are a norm for many reasons; whether they be access to talent or a desire to provide staff with more flexibility when and where they work. These and other causes permeate corporations and startups alike, as development projects increasingly cross time zones and cultures. Though it can be more complicated than managing teams locally, at Alembic we love how distributed teams force higher awareness of workplace culture.

What do we mean by this?

Everything that matters in managing local teams, matters even more in managing distributed teams. Establishing personal connections with each and every remote team member is not only key, it is fundamental in maintaining healthy team dynamics. Routine individual check-in's and group stand-ups are required on a daily basis in order to ensure everyone is always on the same page. Often, in an office environment where everyone is together, we lose sight of the fact that sharing the same space and being on the same page do not necessarily go hand in hand. With a distributed team, we never forget how much necessary work it is to maintain a healthy team dynamic.

Distributed teams are an absolute necessity as businesses continue to embrace globalization. Though acclimatising to this reality can take time, the benefit of managing remote teams is that one can never become too comfortable with the surroundings. Continuously reviewing and improving communication and support are key to implementing a strong distributed workplace culture. We've worked on many projects with remote team members, in the past and present, and continue to stand firm by its positive impact on our company and our clients.

We're happy to lend our experience to companies just getting their feet wet in distributed team management, or others hoping to improve the effectiveness of already established distributed teams. We'd love to chat!