Welcome to the Team, Paul!

Alembic is happy to announce Paul Fioravanti has joined our team as a Principal Consultant.

Paul will be part of the Alembic leadership team, primarily responsible for leading client engagements in both a technical and management capacity.

Paul loves learning languages, both programming and human, and is an active participant in tech community events, being an organiser and host of the Sydney Ruby and Elixir meetups, and a mentor at local tech events like Rails Girls, Elixir Girls, Ruby InstallFest and Development Hub.

He started his software career in Japan as a developer, and worked with Japanese companies on creating Ruby on Rails applications during Rails' infancy. He has also worked on client-facing professional services and pre-sales engagements for some Silicon Valley-based companies entering the Japanese market.

Since returning to Australia, he has continued to build web applications in product-based and consultative roles in modern and emerging technology stacks.

Paul is looking forward to helping Alembic make the world more wonderful with functional software.

When he isn't coding up a storm, you can find him spending time with his lovely wife, clacking away on his mechanical keyboard, or attempting to learn stenography.

Welcome Paul!