Elixir Sydney July Meetup

elixir sydney july

The July Sydney Elixir Meetup, held at the offices of our friends at Expert360, and co-sponsored by the team at Alembic, attracted one of our biggest turn-outs, with more than 30 Elixir practitioners and enthusiasts in attendance.

We had a stellar line up of presentations, that ran the gamut of:

  • controlling aeroplanes in XPlane with Elixir
  • how to debug a running process
  • why diversity is important for the tech industry
  • and even our own Paul Fioravanti solving Elixir Exercism problems to help get more junior developers up and speaking and more involved in our great community.

At Alembic, we are very proud of the Elixir community in Sydney, and are working hard to nurture and support its growth as much as we can, so that more people can know the joy of working with Elixir!

Check the Sydney Elixir Meetup page for details of the next event and we hope you will join us there! If you have a talk you would like to share with Sydney's Elixir community, please file an issue on the Sydney Elixir Github repository, or reach out to the organisers:

Don't forget to follow the community on Twitter at @elixirsydney, or us at Alembic at @teamalembic!

If you have an existing Elixir application that needs some love (or new features), or are looking to embark upon building a new project with Elixir, we would love to hear from you! Reach out and say hello!